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Our company has started working by name of “Oruçdede Halva and Sugary Products” in Bayrampasa/lstanbul with an 1600 m2 indoor facility in 2011 by combining knowledge and experince of “Onurhan Türkoğlu Milk/Dairy Products” which working with an 5000 square metre Dairy

Facility in Afyon.

Without sacrificing quality and constant taste of your tables, Orucdede maintains its activities by increasing the variety and quality of its products such as Turkish delights, jam and nougats. Thanks by this continuity and achievements in a short time, Orucdede came into its own in the supermarket, charcuterie and wholesale food sector across the Turkish and European markets.

Our company registered its quality by getting ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 documents

just after 5 months of its establishment.

All productions at Orucdede Facilities are produced in an healthy and hygienically environment by hand mining, away from fabrication and use of additive.

We are aware of seriousness and responsibility of our business.

We continue our works for a strong Turkey with healthy generations.